Reflections of The Decks at Night

One of my favorite things to do in town has always been to enjoy a drink and a meal on the waterfront.  Not many places in this world get to enjoy a beautiful waterfront spot, with interesting industrial activity and a lively crowd.  In this image, the new Martingale Wharf building can be seen across the water from the Portsmouth Harbor Cruise dock.  You have to click this one to see it large.

Wind Blown Waves in Rye

A chilly drive along the coast rewarded us with some beautiful seascape shots this weekend.  The wind was so strong that each of the waves gave off a head of mist as it began to break rolling towards the coastline.  I love this shot as the freighter is hiding out in the background on the horizon, just before it made its way up the Piscataqua to unload.

Holiday Time in Portsmouth

The City began the installation of the Christmas tree in the heart of Market Square downtown this past week.  With the arrival and departure of Thanksgiving, it’s full speed ahead towards the holidays in the seacoast.  I hope everyone is surviving their first weekend of eating and shopping of the season!

A Fiery Sunset over Congress Street

The earlier sunsets and the dynamic weather lately haven’t provided me with many chances to get out for sunset.  Sunset on Tuesday afternoon was an exception – running out of the office early for an appointment, I noticed an incredible rainbow over the Custom House as seen from the parking lot of People’s United Bank.  Of course I grabbed my camera and headed towards my appointment, but first made sure that I was able to make a stop on Congress Street to capture this scene.

Calafuria Livorno | Profiles on the Piscataqua

With the return of the fall and the impending winter season, freighters have begun to repopulate the Piscataqua River.  This means a few things, but one of the things I’m most excited about is the return of my series “Profiles on the Piscataqua”.  The workers on these freighters are so excited to see people excited to see them that they almost always put on a good show and ham it up when they see that I have a camera.  This guy’s first reaction was two thumbs up, but his salute followed a little bit later when he realized I was still taking pictures of the ship.  It would be fascinating to sit down and hear about their day to day.

A State Street Afternoon

The late afternoon sunlight creates long shadows on the State Street corridor.  The shortening days make for interesting lighting while people are still out and about, and I liked the repetitive arrows along State Street in front of the Saloon and the Pleasant Street intersection at the Marple and James building.

Seascape from Fort Foster

A cool morning in New England provides great photographic opportunities.  One morning I headed out to Fort Foster with some friends at sunrise, and came away with a few shots I was happy with.  The rocks in the foreground are in Maine while the image looks out into Portsmouth Harbor with Whaleback Lighthouse in the distance.