The Tugs After The Storm

One of the most memorable sunsets I’ve ever witnessed after powerful thunderstorms cleared out of the area – fully illuminating the brick buildings of Bow Street and creating a rainbow over the Memorial Bridge.

Full Moon Over The Tugboats

Full Moon Over The Tugboats

These are a few of my favorite things….. I finally made it out to capture a shot that I have envisioned for at least the past year! With a newborn at home and a new sleep schedule, I finally made it out in time to catch the sunrise and the setting moon over the tugboats! Hope you enjoy

6/20/2016 4:59am | Memorial Bridge

Buoy & Boat | Portsmouth Waterfront

Buoy & Boat | Portsmouth Waterfront

Quite possibly my favorite boat along the Portsmouth, NH waterfront.  This boat along with a red skiff sat at rest on an early winter morning at high tide just after sunrise.  The stillness of the water and the colors of the elements make this one of my favorite images of the year.

The Waterfront in Black & White

The Moran Towing tugboats sit docked on the Portsmouth Waterfront in front of the Bow Street buildings and the new Memorial Bridge. The waterfront in black & white gives a classic feel to a scene that looks like it could be a hundred years old.

Mount Washington

New Hampshire’s tallest peak, Mount Washington, is also one of the windiest places on the planet, and infamous for having the “world’s worst weather”.  From the beautiful deck on the back of the Omni Mount Washington Hotel, the serene view was inviting and seemed anything but treacherous.  Since I’ve hiked it in good conditions in the past, I know it’s never anything to take for granted, but that the views are worth the effort. Sometimes I get so focused on the beauty here in the Seacoast that I forget how many treasures we have up north in the White Mountains.

A Night in Market Square

On a foggy evening in Market Square, I decided to take advantage of dry weather and the moody winter landscape.  The lighting allowed for long exposures and the street traffic brought the scene to a whole new level – as the headlights accentuated the curves in the buildings and the streets.