Morning on Bow Street

Bow Street is most frequently shown from the view at the top of the hill – where you can see the historic buildings that follow the curve of the Piscataqua River frontage.  On a morning walk, I decided to capture what I thought was also a beautiful moment in time.  It just so happens, that this view probably also hasn’t changed too dramatically in my lifetime – and maybe in decades.  Downtown Portsmouth is an awesome place.


Whaleback Lighthouse at Dusk

Whaleback Lighthouse is one of the seacoast’s icons, standing guard at the mouth of the Piscataqua River in the Atlantic Ocean.  Its stone construction is beautiful and unique – built to withstand the rugged storms that can hit the atlantic.  This cold evening was a bit boring, but with a long exposure the color of the water and the horizon make for a soothing blend.

Strawbery Banke and The North Church

Strawbery Banke is one of the places you can visit in Portsmouth and be brought back in time. The interiors of the structures provide the look and feel of life decades and even centuries ago.  At just the right vantage point in the museum’s field, you can see nearly the entire top half of the North Church steeple framed perfectly by the buildings in the foreground.

South End Waterfront Panorama

The South End waterfront is a colorful, historic and beautiful place.  This image was made to be seen larger, and I hope to have it printed at 10 feet or larger soon, but in the meantime I didn’t want to wait to share this one.  The sky was a bit boring but the water was calm enough to reflect the homes along the shore line.

The South Span | New Memorial Bridge

The new south span of the Memorial Bridge has officially been floated in and placed.  Crews worked during the evening hours securing the new span so that the Cape Cod barge could be floated out at slack tide once enough water retreated.  The north Kittery span will soon be under construction, and the new structure will be ready for use by July this summer. The eerie evening lighting and the under lighting on the bridge span make this an amazing scene to see in person.

Watching the placement of the span was a historic event, and although it was a slow process, it was exciting.  I’m looking forward to watching the new structure evolve, and to capturing the process.


Sunrise from City Hall


Portsmouth has a few subtle terrain changes that I don’t think about often.  Sometimes you end up somewhere that makes it a bit more obvious, which is the case at City Hall.  The North Church and the Piscataqua River Bridge can be seen in the distance.  The school buses in the foreground add a fun element to the image, along with the industrial fog clouds in the background from the manufacturing plants that line the river.


The Atlantic Pearl from Penhallow Street


The Atlantic Pearl as seen from Penhallow Street.  I’ve always loved the imposing presence of a freighter next to the tugboats from this angle.  It fits right in with the scale of the multi-storied buildings surrounding it, and is a sight that’s probably not seen in many places around the country.  It’s always a reminder of where we live and how unique it is.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to watch merchant ships unloading centuries ago in this very spot.