The Gardens at Prescott Park

The long lines of flowers along the waterfront in Prescott Park are always gorgeous during this time of year.  Summer brings an influx of people from all over, with a good amount finding their way to the beauty of the waterfront park and its lush garden and rows of flowers.   A new addition that popped up this year is the granite spine through the flower bed – which has me imagining some type of ancient dinosaur buried beneath the soil

Vintage South End

With a ferocious schedule, shooting time has been limited.  So what is a photographer to do?  Capitalize on the fact that he owns an iPhone 4, and snap away at will without the cumbersome DSLR on his shoulder.  This shot was from a late afternoon a couple weeks back, where we narrowly avoided a thunderstorm and had some awesomely huge clouds moving through the area.  The light was crisp and so were the reflections on the waterfront – this photo was cross processed on the phone – and washes out the sky, but I love the effect.

The Bridge | Wentworth By The Sea Country Club

I’m not an avid golfer, but I love to play when I have the chance to get out on the course.  Recently I had the good fortune to play the incredible Wentworth By The Sea Country Club.  The grounds are incredibly well manicured, with several holes overlooking the water – truly stunning.  I had always heard great things about the course, but until I actually got around the 18 holes, I didn’t realize such a phenomenal place could be located right here in the seacoast of New Hampshire (I should have known better than to doubt).

Natural Beauty of Sunset

It has been quite a while since I’ve been out to capture one of the incredible sunsets we’ve been having.  With all the rain, along with my full schedule, it’s been difficult to get out to enjoy one of our free and natural gifts – sunset over the water.  I found myself with a few free minutes, and it looked promising with the sky doing some interesting things.  I ended up waiting about 30-40 minutes as the sun disappeared behind the horizon and the colors in the sky continued to change.  This little capture of the Piscataqua River was well worth every second of the wait.  I’ve got more shots from the evening that I hope to share throughout the week.

The Pier in the Mist

This pier sits on the border of Prescott Park with nearly unparalleled views of the Memorial Bridge and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  The shot was taken with my camera and a vintage Carl Zeiss Hasselblad 50mm lens, which has given this shot a soft out of focus blur in the background with a focal point in the lower right corner.  Not the typical crispness I go for these days, but it feels a bit more story-like to me and for whatever reason, it works.

The Sheraton Harborside

I’ve always enjoyed trying to capture the beauty of a piece of architecture.  This hotel, the Sheraton Harborside, was originally built in the 1980s as part of the rejuvenation of Portsmouth’s Northern Tier.  It’s built on top of the hillside, and it’s a huge building that looks cool from across the river and less exciting from the street level on Market Street.  At just the right angle, however, it becomes more of a massive structure perched on the landscape.  The miniscule crescent moon is an added bonus.

Welcome to the Garden

This section of Prescott Park is beautiful, and I never really take the time to come through this entrance on Marcy Street (since I’m usually walking along the waterfront).  I think the tall guardian shrubs at the entrance are a warm welcome to the lush plantings and open fields on the other side.

I also like the story they tell – it’s up to the viewer to interpret, and I’d imagine everyone might have their own tale.

Cloudscape in New Castle

This evening was one of those nights where you are thankful that you witness such incredible natural beauty.  This ridiculous cloudscape was moving around the seacoast, with some intense late afternoon light filtering through and making landscapes at every corner into capture-worthy visions.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera handy for most of them – but managed to capture this scene from the Wentworth Marina in New Castle.