Early Morning Light Over The Marina

Early Morning Light Over The Marina

The early morning light grazes the undersides of the clouds.  The spring sunrises and sunsets have been beautiful – all of the early and late date color helps to forget about the snow.

Asphalt Eagle | Piscataqua Profiles

The latest edition of Profiles on the Piscataqua features two gentlemen on the Asphalt Eagle freighter from Greece.  I really loved the moment captured between these fellas, I can only imagine the conversation they might be having.

Sunset from the Rooftop

I  was cleaning up the house in the late afternoon when I happened to peek outside to see what the weather was doing.  I spotted some glowing orange telephone poles from the kitchen, so I decided to head outside to see what the sky was doing for sunset.  The Piscataqua River Bridge was glowing a fiery orange, so I decided to get a better vantage point by heading up to the attic and getting a better elevation.  It was when I opened the skylight that I was greeted with the view of this incredible sky at sunset.

This Old House

I wanted to give a little glimpse of the soon to be new HQ of The Daily Portsmouth.  This old Atlantic Heights home had original wallpaper and walking into the home was like stepping in to a time warp.  Stay tuned for more updates in the next few months.  I love Portsmouth because so many areas have such historic homes with fascinating backgrounds. The rich color of the wallpaper and floors together with some careful framing convey an interesting mood, complete with the random light from the unseen window behind the camera.

Historic Home Construction

I’m excited to share that the home office of The Daily Portsmouth will be moving! We’re in the process of renovating a historic home in Atlantic Heights that has kept us busy – but we are enjoying seeing how houses used to be made in the old days.  Atlantic Heights was originally built to house shipbuilders in World War I that were building freighters to bring goods over to Europe.  The war was over before the neighborhood was finished – and it’s had a storied history since then, and is now a great active community and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Stay tuned for periodic updates on our new home adventure – in the meantime, today’s image is from 2 weeks into the rehab project in one of the bedrooms.

Early Morning Light

One of my favorite things about the changing seasons is the range in temperatures that I always seem to forget about.  Now that the fall is here…the morning temperatures can get quite chilly…which brings with it some rich morning light and fog.  Here’s a nice scene from my stairwell.

During & After the Snow

In keeping with yesterday’s post, here are a couple fun shots from yesterday’s heavy snow storm.  Above you can see the reflection of Market Street and the North Church in the glass of the storefront, along with some folks enjoying a stroll in the storm.  Below you can see the moody sky after the snow quieted down for the night, as seen from my 2nd story window.

Railroad Tracks | Atlantic Heights

Portsmouth’s railroad tracks run downtown from Islington Street, across Market Street and along the Piscataqua River all the way to Atlantic Heights and further on towards Public Service of New Hampshire’s power station (which can be seen generating a plume of smoke in the distance).  The fresh snowfall, the blue sky that finally made its way out, and the cargo car made for a cool shot.

The power plant is located on the banks of the Piscataqua River and can also be seen in THIS POST from the summer, I highly suggest you check it out.