This website aims to capture the essence of life in Portsmouth, the beautiful and vibrant historic seaport town, through distinctive photography.

Market Square 2013 © Philip Case Cohen


Born and raised in Central Massachusetts, I’m a New Englander at heart. I now work and play in the wonderful seaport town of Portsmouth, NH where I live with my beautiful wife (who is also my chief photo editor).  I’m a believer in developing and maintaining a sense of community, and am fascinated by architecture and construction.


16 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Sorry about the blank reply. This site is awesome; totally brings me back to Portsmouth. Love it!

    1. Thanks Jon – hope it tides you over until we can get you back out here for a visit 🙂

  2. Great pics! I miss my hometown so much! Maybe I can use your site to convince my hubby we should move there…

  3. Wow, these photos take me back to the six years I lived on the Seacoast from late ’99 through the fall of ’05. I saw films and “Momix” at The Music Hall; drank local beer at The Portsmouth Brewery and Redhook; enjoyed local music at The Muddy River Smokehouse and The Press Room; and great food at Lindbergh’s Crossing, The GasLight and The Stockpot (r.i.p.).

    Thanks for the daily flashbacks! Your talent is amazing.

  4. Very nice work Philip. Being a native of the seacoast area, finding your sight was a pleasant surprise. Looking forward to viewing more of your photography.


  5. Sharon – thanks for sharing your thoughts and for visiting the site! Glad you stumbled across it and hope to keep you visiting….I look forward to more of your photos as well


  6. My dream is to live in Portsmouth or somewhere near the Seacoast of New Hampshire someday, and this site is a real inspiration. Keep it coming, please 🙂

  7. Just found your photos on the Digital Photography School site and am just stunned! Gorgeous. I wish I could see them full size. drop dead gorgeous.

    One question, what site/url do you use to sell your photos. It’s so professional, and effortless. Well done.

    I’m new to HDR and excited to be able to spend more time trying to get it right.

  8. Hi Philip:
    This is Bob Cook, editor of the soon-to-be-launched Portsmouth-NH.patch.com. It is a new community news web site owned by AOL that will cover all things Portsmouth. One of the things we will feature is blogs created by local people. My editor, Marc Fortier, suggested I reach out to you to see if you would like to publish your blog, The Daily Portsmouth, on our new web site free of charge. When the site launches on June 1, my goal is to have at least five city residents do blogs about different subjects and having a blog that features your fantastic photography would be wonderful. If you are interested, please e-mail me sometime this week and we can go from there.

  9. LOVE your photos. Have family in New Castle and adore Portsmouth. You are very blessed to live there! Moving to Mass. in July….cant wait to be back EAST!

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