A Fiery Portsmouth Sunset

A Fiery Portsmouth Sunset

This image of an intensely beautiful and colorful sky is another from an incredible evening earlier this summer. As the day ended – the light, fog, temperature and tide all made it a fascinating and evolving scene.

A Summer Sunset

A summer sunset as seen from the banks of Kittery, Maine overlooking the Piscataqua River.  This is another of my favorites from one of the most memorable sunsets of the summer.  It also happened to be the night of my third anniversary, which was an extra special gift to enjoy to celebrate the occasion!

The Sarah Mildred Long Bridge [Middle Bridge]

The Sarah Mildred Long Bridge [Middle Bridge] is now slated for replacement in the coming years.  In this image, both the middle and the high level bridge sit beneath a massive cloud filled sky after a storm moved through the area.  This is one of my favorite spots to watch the weather due to its elevation and wide open viewing area, which usually leaves a beautiful sky in the wake of the storm.

The Harbour Feature in Portsmouth

Over the years I’ve enjoyed trying new things with photography, as technology now provides an incredible amount of opportunities to refine the raw product of a photo.  Lately I find myself more drawn to the cleaner look and feel of the natural environments in an image, partly due to the colors and tones in the sky at sunset and the appearance of water.

In this particular shot, the Harbour Feature is docked at the State Pier after colliding with the Sarah Long Bridge.  In just a few more weeks, the bridge should be operational following millions in repairs.

The Middle Bridge

I happened to be in Maine last week, so I decided to stop and check out the view of Portsmouth from a familiar old spot.  While I always love the view towards Portsmouth’s waterfront and the North Church, I decided to shoot something I hadn’t before – the Middle Bridge itself.  With yesterday’s freighter accident with the Harbour Feature coming loose and striking the bridge (as shown below), I’m not so sure I’ll have the opportunity to get back there for this shot anytime soon. I have a never ending appreciation for engineering and our man made structures, and there’s a simple elegance to the bridge and rail pattern beneath the street decking.

Three Years at The Daily Portsmouth

Sometimes life gets so busy that you miss celebrating a milestone or an important date.

On June 1st, 2012, The Daily Portsmouth turned three years old.  Looking back, it’s been an amazing three years filled with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, crazy New England Weather, new clients, publications, opportunities, disappointments, gallery shows, friends, family, and new friends. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed visiting the site over the past three years, for your support and encouragement.  I’m looking forward to the years ahead!

Three Bridges

With Portsmouth’s bridges being one of the most talked about items of the past few years, I thought I’d take a moment to feature them from a different angle.  Often – I take for granted that Maine probably has the best view of Portsmouth, from the various shorelines in Kittery. 

I’ve shot the three bridges before, from Peirce Island, but this vantage point from the other side of the river provides a glimpse of the Piscataqua River Bridge (high-level), the Middle Bridge, with the Memorial Bridge in the far distance.  Once the new bridge has been constructed, it will look more like the Middle Bridge’s twin.  The shot isn’t overly dramatic, just a nice peaceful glimpse of the river…so I hope to be back with some more outrageous sky conditions someday.

Foggy Portsmouth Waterfront

With the snowy weather of the past week and the drastic changes in temperature we’ve been having, the weather ends up giving us a few gems in terms of scenes with interesting light and dynamics. The sun was peeking out mid-day while the fog over the Middle Bridge and the downtown area was still strong.  The glassy look to the water helps make this mirrored scene a bit more interesting while the fog made sure it still had a few elements of mystery.