Calafuria Livorno | Profiles on the Piscataqua

With the return of the fall and the impending winter season, freighters have begun to repopulate the Piscataqua River.  This means a few things, but one of the things I’m most excited about is the return of my series “Profiles on the Piscataqua”.  The workers on these freighters are so excited to see people excited to see them that they almost always put on a good show and ham it up when they see that I have a camera.  This guy’s first reaction was two thumbs up, but his salute followed a little bit later when he realized I was still taking pictures of the ship.  It would be fascinating to sit down and hear about their day to day.

2 thoughts on “Calafuria Livorno | Profiles on the Piscataqua

  1. When I was in the NAVY ,aboard the USS THOR ARC 4 , WE used to go up this river or bay , since it has changed so much . I was there in 1969,it seemed to be a river on our way to Simplex. I don’t remember how far up the river it was, but it was in between portsmouth and kittery, up river.

  2. I keep getting this message that I have already sent this message before ,but I haven’t . this happens when i submit a message.,any message.

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