Wood Island Amidst The Sea Smoke

Wood Island Amidst The Sea Smoke This winter has been remarkable in terms of the volume of snow and the intenseness of the cold.  One of the amazing sunrises I’ve ever seen was watched from Great Island Common – and while Whaleback Lighthouse and Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse are my favorite vistas – this image of…

Reflections on The River

Reflections on The River The late day light and the calmness of the Piscataqua River drew me immediately to this image – which reminded me of an impressionist painting.  While this is very far from my ordinary work, it’s also one of my recent favorites and I hope you enjoy it too.

Colors of The South End

Colors of The South End After a stunning sunrise shoot out in Rye Harbor, I took my favorite long-route home through historic downtown New Castle and made a couple key stops along the way to enjoy the morning and other familiar favorite scenes.  This shot from the bridge on the way back into Portsmouth features…

A Beacon In The Fog

A Beacon In The Fog Buildings along Portsmouth’s waterfront glow amidst the purple hued fog of an unforgettable sunset with the St. John’s steeple appearing almost as a lighthouse in the distance.