A Barge on the Piscataqua River & Opening Day at The Decks

I’m not sure if “barge” is the appropriate word here, but I’m sure my nautical friends will help me out with this one.  This piece of equipment is set up just next to the Tugboats as Maritime Construction & Engineering completes the redevelopment of the sea wall that sits underneath what will soon be a new public park (where the Poco’s deck used to be).

I loved the calmness of the water in this shot with the evening light and the reflection of the lights of the bridges on the water’s surface.  I can’t picture what the new park will look like, and the giant steel beams coming straight out of the ground don’t help me visualize it any better.  Still – I can’t wait to see what it looks like!

Also – today is the official opening day for The Decks!  I won’t be in New Hampshire today, so I hope everyone who can make it has a great time.  Harpoon Willy’s & The Old Ferry Landing were the last spots to open, as last weekend The Oar House, Poco’s and The River House were all serving outdoors in the gorgeous weather.

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