The Blue Angels | Portsmouth Air Show

It’s not every year that the Blue Angels make an appearance at an air show held right here at our very own Pease International Airport. The former Air Force Base still serves as the home for the New Hampshire Air National Guard and the refueling tankers…and this weekend it had a few extra aircraft and a few tens of thousands of extra people!  I ventured into the madness at the airport to see if I could get some good shots and to enjoy the incredible engineering feats and flying talents of the pilots.

I had a blast trying to shoot the ridiculously fast aircraft (flying at up to 700mph)…even though it’s outside my normal photographic pursuits, it was fun to throw on a zoom lens for a change and see if I could come up with anything good.  I’m pretty happy with my results despite not renting any special gear and it being my first air show.  Looking forward to the next opportunity…in the meantime, enjoy the shots!  Please head over to my gallery on FLICKR to see more from the event…I’ll be putting together a video of the Blue Angels in their pre-flight exercises later this week and will share more from the other aircraft that flew during the day before the big Blue Angel finale.

Many thanks to the fine folks at Portsmouth Regional Hospital for the opportunity to see the show!  Enjoyed meeting more of the team and the great view from their sponsor area…thanks to them for supporting the event and for also featuring more of my photos on their display in the booth.  (And thanks for the water in the PRH bottle on the way out – I definitely needed it after baking in the sun all day.)

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