Street AKA Museum | Portsmouth Museum of Art

I’m not 100% sure whether the paintballs were intentional as part of this street art exhibit, which has been brought into this world as part of a collaboration between international artists, property owners and the Portsmouth Museum of Art.  I love the idea – and especially love this particular installation.  We’re very fortunate to live in a community where we’re forward thinking enough to bring this type of exhibition to town (thanks to the Portsmouth M of A), and while it isn’t exactly as sneaky as a Banksy painting – it’s pretty darn awesome. Looking forward to discovering more of the pieces around town.

3 thoughts on “Street AKA Museum | Portsmouth Museum of Art

  1. OMG…I was downtown on Sat nite and saw some of these…not this one, but I love the art. Did you catch the giant jaws down by Memorial bridge in the brick court yard? I’m going to try to post later today about this. Using buildings as canvas-it just speaks volumes. Who knows if the paint balls are deliberate or not-but I like them.
    Have a great day Phil.

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