Sunset at Nubble Lighthouse

For today’s post, we head a bit north to the coast of Maine.  I’m sure that Nubble Light on Cape Neddick in York, Maine is one of the most photographed places in the country.  This doesn’t stop many people, including myself, from enjoying its beauty and going to shoot it anyway…the crashing waves on the rocks and the grandiose island setting of the lighthouse are incredibly appealing and make for infinite possibilities when shooting.  It didn’t take much convincing for my Dad to come along and make the trip (despite the cancellation of a Friday night concert) to shoot the place he’s probably shot 50 times before.

Here’s a shot from dusk, just as the sun was finishing setting on the final day of winter…which left some beautiful blue sky with natural lighting on the lighthouse…and a cooler feeling in the rest of the frame.  I was lucky to bump into some new friends from Connecticut who made the trip north to go shooting all weekend – and honored me by taking a visit to the Portsmouth Art Exchange gallery to see some of my work.  (and they were even daring enough to return for sunrise in the morning).  Later this weekend I’ll upload a video and a link to their sunrise shots too.

2 thoughts on “Sunset at Nubble Lighthouse

  1. Philip- it was a pleasure to meet you and I so enjoyed visiting your gallery exhibition- your b/w canvas prints are so amazing.. everyone should stop in and check it out! Thanks for your tips on where to shoot, and just so you know, Nubble was just as amazing the next morning! Take care… Sherry

    1. Thanks Sherry! It was a pleasure meeting you too, I’m really glad you made the trip and I’m really honored that you enjoyed the gallery & especially the canvases. I’ve enjoyed taking a look at all your beautiful sunrises on Flickr…and I’m glad you made it back on Saturday…ended up being a late evening here so sleep won the battle. Hope to catch up sometime soon. Happy shooting!

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