Four Tree Island | Closed for the Season

Closed for the Season.  This is what the little signs read on the bathrooms on Four Tree Island.  The little building stands quietly in the center of the island that’s sandwiched between the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the Commercial Fish Pier, Prescott Park and the Memorial Bridge.  I hardly ever take advantage of the wide open view that this vantage point provides towards so many of our local iconic scenes.  This particular evening, the island was incredibly windy (especially under the maiden statue on the shore of the island).  The solace is something that disappears pretty quickly as soon as the weather warms up.

3 thoughts on “Four Tree Island | Closed for the Season

  1. So much to like in this image Phil! The weathered blue fountain stands out, but the red brick walk, the cedar shingles on the building, and the beautiful sky all play excellent supporting roles! Not to mention the symmetry! Very cool!

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